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Zagora - East Pelion

Zagora is set in the Eastern side of mountain Pelion in 300m altitude. There are two dominant versions for the origins of the name `Zagora`. Either because of the Bulgarian terminology which means the village behind the mountain or because of the animal bazaar that used to take place in the area.

Zagora has a population of 2000 and most of them are farmers. In the past the villagers used to deal with silk production and the famous Merchant Ships of Zagora would start their voyage from Horefto to the biggest ports of East in order to transport their products. The years past by and the villagers turned to potato cultivation.

Nowadays, their main income comes from the apple growth. They have created the Agricultural Cooperative of Zagora, which is one of the biggest Cooperatives in Greece and exports apples in many countries of Europe.

Once you arrive in Zagora you can go for a walk using the cobbled paths of the village or you can visit its four parts of Agia Paraskevi, Agia Kyriaki, Agios Georgios and Metamorphosis. Sights of religious importance are the churches of Zagora, some of which date back in 1900 A.C.

In addition you can relax and enjoy yourself with a glass of local wine or the traditional drink `tsipouro` in one of the picturesque squares of the area.

Finally, a monument of great importance is the Hellenomuseum known as the `secret school` where Regas Ferreos and other enlightened people studied. In this particular place art exhibitions are taking place every summer.